This policy describes how International Hospital use personal information collected and received from the site and patient services, including but not limited to information that is subject to the privacy and safety regulations published under the Patient Information Protection System. In order to adhere to the patient information protection system, it must have been linked to the policies of International Hospital.
This policy applies only to International Hospital and information collected from the site and not from any third party. This policy does not grant any rights or benefits to any third party who may be contracted by the hospital or enter into any agreement with third party to provide services except in the framework agreed upon in writing.
To protect your information provided through the website, International Hospital recommends that you review these practical tips to help protect yourself from online fraud and secure your personal computer and personal information.

Collection of information and purposes of use
International Hospital collects, uses and discloses your personal information for the following purposes:
– To manage the site
– To enable you to access and use the services provided through the Site

– To book appointments and obtain information through this website
– To provide you with the services you have requested through this website
– To send reports and information about services
– Communicate with your healthcare provider
– To send marketing communications to you

The International Hospital through this website automatically receives and records information from your personal computer and browser, including the IP address and cookie information (summarized below) and the software and hardware of your device. As detailed below, The International Hospital take precautionary measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of such information.
In addition, some of the information we collect and use will be accepted as health information protected by the patient information protection system. Because the information collected contains protected health information, International Hospital comply with the privacy requirements and safety rules published under the Patient Information Protection System.

Secure your data

The International Hospital have implemented precautionary measures to protect the integrity of collected data and to avoid loss of information or misuse or unauthorized changes. The International Hospital have also implemented the following precautionary measures:
– Information is collected and transmitted from secure and protected Web pages with a secure port layer certificate
– Information is stored in secure servers and then transferred safely to those who need to access
– Only authorized persons can access this information
– System protection methods have been implemented, including periodic data backup and coordination to avoid loss of information, misuse or unauthorized access.
– All information is erased appropriately after being saved for periods required by the system

The International Hospital do not rent, sell or share personal information collected from this website with any third party except in the following circumstances:
– When International Hospital  respond to habeas corpus or court orders or to complete legal matters which force the hospital to disclose such information as is permitted and applied under the Patient Information Protection System
– Where required by law
– When necessary for services that can only be obtained under contracts that are in line with the patient rights protection system, as applicable, and to restrict the use and dissemination of such information for the purpose of limited and approved purposes requiring the use of precautionary measures to protect such information.

Children’s Privacy
When International Hospitals leave a child under the age of 13 trying to use this site, they will be asked to urge one of their parents or guardians to establish an account at the hospital site so that permission is obtained from the guardian. This site is not designed for use by children under the age of 13. In addition, there will be no sharing of child-related data without the consent of a parent or guardian, unless required by law.

Hammadi hospitals can put cookies on your PC. Although there are no third-party advertisers, The International Hospital may allow other companies to advertise on this site and place cookies on your personal computer from this site.
International Hospital use Web signals to access their cookies within and outside the site network related to the services provided by the hospital.

Your ability to edit and delete your account information and preferences
You may modify your account information for The International  Hospital Patient Services at any time. You can also delete your account if you wish to do so by visiting the website.

Confidentiality and security
The international Hospitals restrict access to your personal information to employees and agents who need access to your information to provide the services or products you may require or need.
In addition to the above, International Hospital have taken some precautionary measures which include administrative, material and technical measures to ensure that protected health information and sensitive information are properly protected and that they are not used or disclosed except in certain circumstances.

Questions and suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to make a complaint Contact Us.