reproductive-medicine The Dermatology Department at the International Hospital serves as a vital hub for providing the best skin care and managing a wide range of dermatological conditions. This department has an exceptional reputation for delivering specialized and personalized medical services, with a team of dermatologists and skincare experts dedicated to preserving skin health and improving the quality of patients' lives.


Personalized care in the Dermatology Department entails understanding the individual needs of each patient and providing tailored treatment plans. The department offers effective consultations and comprehensive guidance on skincare and the use of appropriate products.



Our Services include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of various skin diseases
  • Performing skin microscopy and ultraviolet lamp examinations for accurate diagnosis
  • Biological treatment for psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa, and vitiligo
  • Botulinum toxin injections for facial wrinkles and chronic hyperhidrosis treatment
  • Laser hair removal for unwanted excess hair
  • Laser, radiofrequency, micro-needling, and ultrasound treatments for skin tightening, wrinkle treatment, visible pores, acne and acne scars, stretch marks, and skin pigmentation issues
  • Chemical peels and diamond microdermabrasion for skin purification
  • Mesotherapy sessions using various techniques (dermapen, hydrapeel, dermaroll, microcurrent)
  • Treatment of various skin tags and warts using electrocautery and cryotherapy

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Our Doctors

Each of our doctors are dedicated to providing you with the very best care & treatment