reproductive-medicine The Physical Therapy Unit at the International Hospital plays an important and effective role in improving the quality of health care provided and enhancing rehabilitation and recovery processes for patients. The department is keen to provide effective services aimed at restoring motor functions and strengthening the body in natural and innovative ways. The department includes a team of specialists in the field of physical therapy who work to assess patients' needs and design customized individual programs based on the latest medical methods and technologies.



Our Services include:

  • Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Treatment of joint osteoarthritis, shoulder stiffness, herniated disc of all kinds, treatment of spinal pain, treatment of neck and lower back pain, treatment of sciatica.
  • Treatment of dizziness and vestibular vertigo
  • Treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system (urinary incontinence, relaxation of the muscles of the vaginal reproductive system, pain resulting from menstrual cycle, vaginismus)
  • Treating symptoms associated with pregnancy and childbirth (back and neck pain, swelling of the legs, difficulty breathing, weakness of the abdominal muscles, back and pelvis)
  • Treatment of patients after mastectomies
  • Treating the effects and pain resulting from cosmetic gynecological surgeries and various obesity surgeries
  • Treating the effects and scars resulting from caesarean and natural births
  • Helping to relax and control breathing during childbirth
  • Taking care of women’s health before and after childbirth

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Our Doctors

Each of our doctors are dedicated to providing you with the very best care & treatment