reproductive-medicine The Foot, Ankle and Diabetic Foot Clinic aims to provide specialized services that include early diagnosis and effective treatment of a wide range of health problems, such as diabetic foot, foot ulcers, skeletal deformities, injuries and pain in the ankle and foot. The clinic is also keen to provide comprehensive care that helps maintain foot and ankle health, reduce the risk of injury and avoid complications in diabetic patients




Our Services include:

  • Deformities (flat feet, hallux valgus deformity, toe deformities, etc.)
  • Diabetic foot
  • Ankle arthroscopy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of foot cavities
  • Diagnosis of foot drop and surgical treatment
  • Autogenous osteochondral implantation technique for osteochondral lesions of the ankle
  • Treatment of arthritis in the foot and ankle
  • Arthroscopy of the foot and ankle
  • Total ankle joint replacement

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