reproductive-medicine The laboratory for medical analyzes at the International Hospital constitutes a vital point within the advanced and comprehensive health care structure provided by the hospital. The laboratory is considered one of the basic pillars that effectively contribute to diagnosing and following up on patients’ health conditions, and enhancing the quality of medical care provided.

The laboratory is distinguished by a team of experts specialized in the field of medical analysis. The team includes specialists in microbiology, chemists and laboratory technicians, who work with great dedication and professionalism to ensure the accuracy and speed of the results. The team is also distinguished by their extensive experience and high skills, which makes them able to deal with a wide range of Medical analyzes accurately and effectively.


The department is also distinguished by its use of the latest equipment and technologies, which contributes to rapid and accurate sample analysis. The laboratory has the ability to perform advanced analyses, including blood, urine, fatty acid, genetic, and many other analyzes that meet the needs of advanced medical diagnosis.


The laboratory unit at the International Hospital seeks to achieve the highest levels of quality in its services, whether through careful analysis of samples or adherence to international safety and quality standards.



Our Services include:

  • Careful examination of tissue samples using different stains (a service distinguished by the International Hospital)
  • A special laboratory for examining tissues and samples removed during surgery for frozen biopsies
  • 24/7 Integrated laboratory services

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