Admission Officer

Under general supervision, deliver a high standard of customer service for all patients. Responsible for organizing patient appointments, liaising with members of the hospital's multi-disciplinary team and providing important information service for patients.

Notice Period: Immediate

Director/Manager: Customer Service

Report To: Customer Service Supervisor

Department: Administration

Job Responsibilities:

  • Staff should listen well to the patient to ensure that he/she understand the patient's need exactly.
  • Staff should to follow patient identifications process through, patient Civil ID and insurance card (Copy to be kept in patient's file).
  • Staff should to request required documents (marriage certificate, nationality ID for Kuwaiti patients) or (passport copy –CID for non-Kuwaiti patients) for delivery & D & C cases, and gynecology cases.
  • Patient data should be updated before admission same as patient Civil ID, contact number should be updated before admission.
  • Staff should to complete Billing process for cash patients, after billing the patient should sign any document related to his insurance company and for cash and insurance patient give them copy from the invoice.
  • Staff should check approval conditions before admission, explain package and approval details, if there is any rejected codes or items, accommodation stay included in packages, for insurance packages. 
  • Collect down payment for rejected codes, prosthesis, items before admission.
  • Staff should to request patient to sign all admission document, concept related to his insurance company (except emergency cases), and for cash and insurance patient give them copy from the invoice.
  • Staff should not take any money outside the hospital, like his cashier and petty cash.
  • Staff should not take any document from the hospital to home neither insurance paper nor any this related to the hospital.
  • In case there is any unpaid service for any reason, the Receptionist should inform their direct Supervisor by phone immediately, and through email with complete details and copy the Customer Service Manager.
  • All emails should be forward based on department structure, first your direct supervisor (if you are not satisfied with the result), escalate the email to your manager.
  • Blacklist patients will be handled by the customer service supervisor or manager based on the reason.
  • Staff should ensure patient confidentiality at all times; sensitive conversation should not take place in common.
  • Staff should keep admission office clean and tidy at all the time of duty; also, food should not be consumed at admission office area.
  • Staff should wear the uniform which provided by the hospital to all the reception staff, and should be worn throughout their work day.
  • Staff should to submit all insurance claims on daily basis.
Job Requirements:

Education and Experience
  • High university degree or suitable equivalent
  • Two years' work experience in similar position in hospital. 

  • High proficiency in Arabic and English Languages
  • Computer Skills

Skills Needed
  • Proficient knowledge of customer service, and standard office.
  • Proficient computer skills.
  • Proficient standard office equipment skills.
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Proficient knowledge to prepare future plans.
  • Excellent phone etiquette.
  • Available to work shifts.

Date Posted:
Employment Status:
Full Time