International Hospital Achieved Canadian Platinum Accreditation

April 2024


International Hospital has proudly achieved the Canadian Platinum Accreditation as it is the first and fastest hospital to be rated with Platinum in a short time. Achieving this evaluation indicates that the hospital has exceeded a set of health and safety standards in areas such as clinical care, safety, management, and medical technology, which confirms its quality and reliability in providing distinguished healthcare and the commitment of the medical, nursing and administrative teams to achieving excellence.

This Accreditation is an important step for International Hospital, as it is considered an international standard for excellence in the healthcare field and enhances the hospital’s international standing and attracts patients from all over the world who are looking for high-quality healthcare. Canadian accreditation also reflects the hospital's commitment to providing healthcare at the highest level of quality and safety, continuing to improve and develop its services, and providing distinguished healthcare to its patients, with the aim of reaching higher levels of evaluation.