The Physical Therapist is responsible for providing a program of rehabilitation to the patient through extensive training, physical therapy and treatment. These functions are performed in accordance with the hospital's philosophy, policies, procedures and standards.

Notice Period: 1-2 months

Director/Manager: HOD - Orthopedic

Report To: HOD - Orthopedic

Department: Medical

Job Responsibilities:

  • To be responsible for own workload, ensuring patients receive an appropriate assessment and planned program of care, with regular review and adaptations as necessary
  • Maintains a high level of expertise and keep up to date with developments in patterns of care.
  • Identifies difficulties, deficiencies and possible methods of improvement in order to assist in the planning and development of the service.
  • Attends team meetings, when appropriate, for the purpose of information exchange, fostering team identity and in-service training.
  • Maintains high standards of clinical documentation and accurate recording of clinical data conforming to departmental protocols.
  • Ensures accurate and comprehensive recording of statistical data as required.
  • Be responsible for the safe use of equipment and reporting of malfunctioning for repairs.
  • Assists the Head of the Department and Superintendent Physiotherapist with general departmental administration as necessary.
  • Plans courses and evaluates therapeutic measures appropriate for patient’s condition and treatment regime.
  • Executes physical therapy care with the use of therapeutic exercises, principles, procedures and specialized equipment.
  • Administers the use of standard medical / therapeutic machines appropriate for patients’ rehabilitation requirements and the physical therapist’s scope of practice.
  • Performs other job-related duties as required by the physiotherapy department.
Job Requirements:

Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy
  • 2-3 years previous experience in physiotherapy

Date Posted:
Employment Status:
Full Time