Patient’s Rights

  • Inform Patients their families of their rights, and responsibilities.
  • Access to full health care.
  • Right to know the name of the health care provider in the team.
  • Maintain confidentiality and privacy of the patient.
  • Respect and appreciation from the International Hospital work team.
  • Provide complete protection and safety.
  • Participate in the health care plan - curative and preventive - and obtain sufficient information from the treating doctor about (diagnosis and treatment).
  • The Patients have the right to request prior written consent for any medical or surgical procedure.
  • The Patients have the right to refuse any treatment after a full explanation by the doctor about the effects and complications that this refusal may cause, and the hospital or the treating doctor shall not bear the result of this refusal.
  • Access to spiritual services /Care.
  • Clarify the financial costs and health insurance of the Patients.
  • The patient has the right to make an oral or written complaint or make suggestions to the hospital administration.

Patient’s Responsibilities

  • The Patients and family must provide all information about his health condition, including medicines, diseases that have previously been treated, infectious diseases, allergies and his frequency for treatment in any hospital.
  • The Patients and his family must inform the attending physician in case of lack of intention to continue the prescribed treatment.
  • The Patients and family must follow all instructions and instructions and adhere to the hospital's regulations, including adherence to visiting dates and fulfillment of all financial obligations related to patient care.
  • The Patients and family must respond to the instructions related to treatment provided to him by the medical staff.
  • The Patients and family must observe the rights of other Clients and hospital staff while adhering to not disturb and not smoke inside the hospital.
  • The hospital staff are there to serve you, so they must be respected and not assaulted in any way, whether verbal or physical.

Note: In case of a life threatening situation, the Consultant will have the full right to decide and proceed with tests, procedures and/or medications without seeking prior consent of the relatives or the guardian as part of the responsibility bestowed on a qualified medical professional.